Our Projects

Bursaries for four regional high schools—Riverton & District High School, Clare High School, Balaklava High School, Burra Community School. Bursaries are administered by school councillors and funds are used to support young women in achieving their educational and social school outcomes.

Pamper Packs—Through the generous support of community businesses and club members, pamper packs are assembled for distribution to Uniting Care Wesley’s Clare office. Pamper packs are given to women who have become homeless through domestic violence or other emergency situations and contain a new bath towel, toiletries and small gifts.

Clare Hospital Care Cupboard—Zonta maintains and stocks a cupboard at the hospital containing toiletries, underwear, nightclothes and casual clothing available to women hospitalised in emergencies. The Clare Lions Club, in collaboration with Zonta, stocks items for men.

Birthing Kit Assembly—The club annually budgets to hold a birthing kit assembly day, purchasing components from the Birthing Kit Foundation. More information: www.birthingkitfoundation.org.au

Breast Care Pillows—We hold regular working bees to make breast care pillows which are distributed to South Australian hospitals and given to women (and men) who will undergo breast surgery, to provide comfort during their post-operative care.

Ad Hoc Grants—from time to time our Club makes grants available, on request, which will support women and girls for a range of needs.